Spoon Sweets & Jams

We are so proud for our Jam range! All of our marmalades contain over 70% fruit! They are made from multivitamin fruits, native to Lesvos island (figs, pomegranate, myrtle, mandarin, lemon, raspberry, orange, strawberries).


Our variety includes: Forest fruits and honey, Peach, Raspberry and ouzo, Strawberry, Orange Choco, Strawberry, Choco Orange, lemon and tangerine! The purity of the ingredients is still a fact and together with love, these products are used in breakfast, festive and other occasions worldwide.

Jams Jams

Spoon Sweets

Mouth-watering delicacies – The foremost traditional treats from Greece!

When served, they usually fill a teaspoon, hence their name. The majority of these sweets are prepared during each fruit season in order to capture it’s full taste and aromas. The fruits are then boiled in natural sugar. The fruits in spoon sweets keep their shape, color, and aroma.

Each with its distinct flavour and color: BLACK CHERRY, PERGAMONT PEEL, AUBERGINE, QUINCE, FIG and ROSE PETALS.

Spoon Sweets

Our Spoon sweets are best served as a sweet dessert. However, they are great as jams or marmalades and they are a unique compliment to thick yogurt.

  • Black Cherry – One of the most popular spoon sweets. Black cherry is a dark delicacy full of the cherry taste. A spoon full is the perfect after dinner dessert!
  • Pergamont Peel – Very traditional Greek recipe. A fresh and sweet taste combination.
  • Aubergine – Truly remarkable taste, best accompanied with cinnamon. A great stand alone spoon sweet.
  • Quince – Crunchy and sweet! An excellent compliment with Greek Yogurt!
  • Fig – Moderately sweet with full fig fruits! Very exceptional taste – best served as dessert.
  • Rose Petals – Thin stripes capturing the essence and the distinct aromas.

Spoon Sweets